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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Rocket Bra Chronicles

My recollection of bras in the 1950's and '60s was anything but heartfelt. Rocket Bras. That's what I've called them ever since the invention of foam and latex! I certainly didn't have to put up with the irritation of plain cotton bras with spirals of stitching in the cups to make your boobs look like a couple of dunce caps turned on their sides through a sweater! We have Victoria's Secret now, for God's sake! Spandex, stretch lace, stretch straps, comfort straps, spanx, and COLORS!! Right??? Right???!!

I remember as a small girl hearing my mother rave happily on about an occasional favorite item. Melmac, Kool cigarettes, shirtwaist dresses, and Maidenform Bras. She gave several impassioned diatribes on how' no other bra would fit her ample blessings and small rib cage' all at the same time, while offering 'the support she needed'. Yeah, I know.. she sounded just like one of those tv commercials for the thing!

Well... I have to tell you: Today I am reformed! In my vintage shopping excursions I was the cautious purchaser of a MaidenForm Long Line bra, circa ? 1966 ?. I picked it up as a fluke. You know.. I figured I'd just sell it on Ebay to some 'nut' that wanted to use it to.. well.. nevermind.

Since it was about my size I gave it a try on, and after the initial squirming and arranging, and all those hooks and eyes, I have to say it was quite comfortable. No - more than comfortable - it was... Secure! I suddenly felt my posture improve. I felt like I actually COULD wear one of those form fitting 1950's sheath dresses and not stoop over. It was positively Enlightening!! I felt... ?? DRESSED!

Maybe it's because I'm 'squishier' now. As middle age has set in I seem to be living in a body I'm not terribly familiar with. Or maybe, just maybe, we've all become so fooled with the latest inventions in clothing, that we don't realize what we're missing from our (supposedly) restrictive past. The Rocket Bra? It's an experience I'd like to put forth that all you ladies should try some day!


  1. I actually have been wanting to get one of those for a while! Fun post!

    I'm enjoying your blog, and the mix is nice touch!

  2. THANX!!

    The one I got was a cup size smaller than I wear in VicSecret... and there is only a SLIGHT little 'pudging' above the bra top.. but hey.. It's awesome.. OH CRAP..

    I'm writing like this is an email! ROFLMAO.. well.. I'll leave it on in case someone wants to give this a try and actually FINDS one.. It's not necessary to be EXACTLY the right size (cup--the #rib size was same).. SO..

    Happy "Rocket-ing" All!! :):

  3. The great part about it all: I was always one of those thrift shoppers who TOTALLY shy-ed away from clothes in general, and UNDERWEAR.. ARGH!!!! Now I find myself making Sure I cruise the dainty department of the stores. *rolls eyes*

    The sad part: Now that I'm LOOKING, I hardly see anything. Not even on ebay.. BUT.. For my loyal and trusty followers - I WILL post what I find ;);) Who knows? Maybe it'll be YOUR size! :):)

  4. Whooo Hoooo... found one for you Mollie!! :):) It should be shipped and arrive in a week or two! Wheee. LOL

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