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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've Gone Video!

Just click the Pic at Left to go to my YouTube Channel :)  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Awesome Finds!

LAST weekend, I came across a poor old, beat up, rusty, dilapidated Metal Cabinet with it's original chrome hardware handles.  It looks ugly NOW.. but wait til I put some Love on it! ;)  I'll post the 'after' pics in a couple of months; I'm sure it'll look as different as my house did, before/after!!! :)  There's something to be said for giving 'new life' to vintage things.

Standing in front are two vintage magazine racks.  The gold one on the left went on Ebay and already has a new home in Southern CA!  The other I'm painting and keeping for a while ;)

This last Saturday, rain, cold and all, found only 5 sales in a 20 mile area; two were really early, but I went anyway - and I'm sooo glad I did.  The first moving sale provide the rotary cutting mat I wanted for my Daughter to go with her machine.  I was actually considering buying her a new one (price.. $42! eek)  The one at the sale? $5!!  And.. I'm so jealous.. it's PINK on one side :)

This sale was definitely the highlight of the day and also yielded a HUGE box of fabric, a bag of fabric from Paris, and about ten plastic storage boxes.  Fun Fun FUN!!!  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wow... Talk About Awesome!

I was watching a showing of "Immitation of Life" with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee yesterday; and while I KNEW it was a good flick, and one of my mom's favorites.... I just kept gasping at the outfits!  I mean.. every time there was a scene change and Lana waltzed back into the room.. OMG.. another Awesome outfit.  I just kept drooling.  It was very  undignified. lol.

So.. below is my attempt to TV screenshot,  and transfer to my puter, then to blog of some of those, and the first one... Oh yeah.. I'm gonna be sewing THAT one!!

This one was sooooo sparkely!  And look at the close up of those pretty little loops on the bodice.

Although she never menitoned it, I'm pretty certain that 'mommy's" similar outfit must have been inspired by this one!

Another one I have to have for ME!!  I think I already have a similar pattern lurking around somewhere:
The great thing about Jean Louis' fashion in this movie, seem to be his care for a strong visual statement whether his 'model' was coming or going!

I love how the turban flows right on into the front collar, over the brooch attached shoulder, and on down the back.