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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Camel Hair Nightmare

Snarrrf!!  Snarrrff!!  I'm very Saaaad. :(:(
      After finding this totally Awesome pattern of a retro coat like my mom used to have and looking for THREE days over the world (and my hometown) for suitable fabric to make it;  I Now see WHY my mom was so 'conversational' about her beloved 'camel hair' coat.  It was FABULOUS!!  And to make it over again in THIS day and time would run an easy $500.  SO.. I guess I'll just post the picture and admire it from afar for now.  (Read below pic for more)

The reproduction of this coat in my mind HAS to be perfect.  The feel and lay of it have to be just so-so and That requires making it out of Camel Hair.  (Yes.. it even said so on the back of the package!)  After a quick search on the internet, i found the price ranges from 'on sale' at $39.99 per yard to $129.99, and I'm afraid the former is only a medium weight for slacks, etc. and just wouldn't do.
     I'm familiar with what I want in this coat, because back in 1970 I had a shorter version in Red!  I Lo-o-o-oved that coat.  I'm sure I thrifted it somewhere, and had I known the future, I sure would have taken better care of it and kept it!  It was doomed to have the back ruined by an oil leak on a motorcycle who's 'sissy bar' left a clean stripe right down the middle!  So much for my 'biker chick' days.  (All 20 of them! :)
     So.. for now, I won't be happily slaving over my Slant-O-Matic with visions of myself twirling around in my new, warm, retro coat.  BUT... ??? hmmm... maaaaybe.. just maaaybe that awful old blanket fleece could work if I add some drapery weights to the hem?  *grin*  Well... it's worth a TRYyyyyy!
     Whee.. guess I'll be heading to the fabric store tomorrow after all!  (Vogue patterns are $3.99 tomorrow! lol)

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